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Although some people might tell you otherwise, Internet/Affliate marketing is a business that requires hard work and demands dedication and a professional attitude.

There are some cases of high school kids and individuals making obscene amounts of money through online marketing.

However, changes in anti-spam laws, as well as increased competition, have caused Internet/Affiliate Marketing to become a serious profession rather than an easy source of quick income.

Just like other professions, whether you succeed will ultimately depend on you. Knowing the right way to build your online/affiliate marketing business is a good start.

In this post we cover 4 ways you can ensure your online marketing success.

Quality Customer Care


Because Internet/Affiliate Marketing is often colored by the “Get Rich Quick” mentality of many people who engage in it, the idea of providing quality to your customers is often pushed aside.

People who believe in the power of quality have a strong competitive advantage against people who just want to make a quick buck at the expense of others.

People who just want to make a lot of money quickly don’t care about their customers’ experience or the content that their customers will experience.

In essence, they truly don’t care about the customer. This only harms them, but they don’t care because they are just looking for easy money.

Diligent people, who care about building a quality website and establishing a quality environment where the customer can click and buy or consume information, have higher rates and higher chances of success.

This means that you have to constantly add quality content, look for quality places to post the link, and add value to your promotional materials in whatever method you use to promote your products and affiliate links.

Because internet consumers are becoming increasingly savvy they have become more aware of which offers are “scammy” and which offers provide real value.

Use the power of quality to get you where you need to go.

The power of quality applies not just to your marketing materials but also to how you promote to your target customers as well as how you select the products and affliate programs you will promote.

People who just want to make money select products and programs based on how much they pay in commissions. They don’t really care about the product and about its value to the customer.

They care primarily about how much money they make.

Marketers who believe in the power of quality, selects products and affiliate programs very carefully.

They look at the advertisers and evaluate them based on how much value they give to the marketers’ customers.

This level of concern for your end users can translate to a lot of money and stable income for many years to come.

It all boils down to quality and quality wins in the long run...


Working online doesn’t involve the same type of work that an on-line job does.

Off-line jobs often require physically labor that can be very tiring. Your online business involves more mental work, and often times mental work can be even more grueling than physical labor.

Although you may “just have been sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours” your brain is tired.

Because your brain is so tired, your body becomes tired as well.

Thus, many people welcome the routine and “ease” of physical labor because it is so predictable.


To succeed with your online business you have to be willing to work hard and dedicate a lot of time to your business.

Especially when just starting out.

It means you have to have the self-discipline to do things even when you really don't feel like doing it.

Mental discipline – focusing on a goal, experimenting, and trying until success is achieved – is required for successful online/affiliate marketing.  Unfortunately not all people have this required mental discipline.

Although your success will depend on your level of dedication and how hard you are willing to work, you also have to keep everything balanced.

Eat well-balanced meals, drink plenty of water, exercise and make time to relax.


You can use this tool to create all types of positive changes in your life.

Believe it or not, it takes only 21 days to establish a new habit or quit another habit.

If you want to lose weight, all you need to do is exercise for 21 days in a row, or diet 21 days in a row. Your body will get so used to the pattern of exercising or dieting that it will subconsciously as well as physically seek to continue that indefinitely.

The same goes for losing a habit. If you want to quit smoking, all you need to do is stop smoking for 21 days straight.

Your body then falls into a new pattern and will seek to continue that pattern. The same applies for quitting drinking, gambling, and whatever harmful and unwanted habit you have.

Establishing good habits is a powerful tool in Online/Affiliate Marketing and creating a habit of doing one or two certain things that will grow your business, will put you on the path to success.

If it involves creating content, having the right habit means that you will create & update your content constantly.

No business can survive if no-one knows about it. Get into the habit of creating, testing and tweaking advertising materials. Try different advertising channels until you find your winners.

Then get into the habit of using the successful ones daily to get word about your products/affiliate offers out there.

Using the power of successful habits can generate more income and also ensure a stress-free business.

Whichever positive habits you choose to engage in for the pursuit of your Online/Affiliate Marketing business, it will increase your chances of success exponentially.


Scammers don’t believe in this value system. When they spam/scam, somebody benefits - namely themselves - and somebody else loses because there is misrepresentation.

When the scammer benefits, somebody has to lose. And the loser is the customer who buys a defective or misleading/mislabelled product or service and don't get value for their money.


This means that in order for you to benefit from the customer, the consumer must benefit from you.

If you create a win-win situation, it means you believe in providing value for your customers’ money or time.

In this situation, you offer them products & content that they are interested in. You offer them a product or service that is of value to them.

It means that when a person buys from you they get something that is valuable to them, add value to their lives and give them value for their money.

This means both sides win!

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