Email Marketing Evolution: MasterClass + AI = Your Recipe for Success!

list building and email marketing with AI

Unleash Your Inner List-Building Dynamo with Kevin Fahey’s List Building and Email Marketing MasterClass!

Hey there, marketing maestros and email enthusiasts! Buckle up because we’re about to take a joyride through the world of List Building and Email Marketing like you’ve never seen before. And who’s our witty and wizardly guide for this journey? None other than the guru of training products himself, Kevin Fahey!

Listen up, folks! Kevin Fahey is back with a bang, and this time he’s armed with more than just knowledge. He’s armed with AI! Yes, you read that right – AI, the same thing that can make your phone talk to you and recommend cat videos with impeccable accuracy. Now it’s helping you supercharge your email game!


List Building and Email Marketing Masterclass

Let’s break it down

The List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass has got more videos than your favorite streaming platform (well, almost). There are over 28 videos waiting for you, and here’s the kicker: Kevin isn’t just going to rattle off a bunch of buzzwords and leave you hanging like a mistletoe in July. He’s going to walk you through every little nook and cranny of list building and email marketing. It’s like having your own personal sherpa guiding you through the snowy peaks of the marketing landscape.

So, what’s on the menu, you ask? Let’s dig into this virtual feast of knowledge:

🌟 The AI Awakening 🌟

Right off the bat, Kevin unveils the magic of AI and its new best friend, ChatGPT. It’s like the buddy cop movie you never knew you needed. They team up to tackle 15 tasks that’ll have your mind blown and your fingers itching to try them out. Who said robots and humans can’t make a dynamic duo?

💌 The Opt-In Odyssey 💌

We all know the heart of any good email marketing campaign is an irresistible opt-in page. Kevin breaks it down from “What’s an opt-in page?” to “How do I create one?” No more staring at the screen like a confused penguin. You’ll be crafting opt-in pages with more confidence than a penguin sliding on ice!

🎣 Reeling Them In 🎣

Different types of opt-in pages? Check. Hooks and angles? Double check. Split testing? Triple check! Kevin’s got you covered, turning you into a list-building angler who knows all the right moves to catch those elusive subscribers.

🎁 The Grand Follow-Up 🎁

Creating the perfect follow-up email series? It’s not just a dream anymore. Kevin unravels the secrets of crafting emails that’ll have subscribers eagerly checking their inbox like kids on Christmas morning.

📱 The Social Media Safari 📱

Building a list using your Facebook profile, fan pages, groups, YouTube, and even TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram? It’s like unleashing your inner social media influencer, minus the need for perfect lighting and makeup.

🚀 Blast Off with Strategies 🚀

Ever thought of building your list with free WSOs, giveaway events, popups, product launches, ad swaps, webinars, and viral giveaways? Well, Kevin has, and he’s here to show you the ropes. You’ll be launching into the marketing stratosphere!

🤖 Rise of the Machines – Automation 🤖

Welcome to the future! Kevin takes you through automation and the sweet magic of setting up a follow-up series that runs smoother than butter on a hot biscuit.

📜 Paperwork Party 📜

Legal pages for your opt-in page? Yeah, we’re getting legal, but not in a boring way. Think of it as giving your marketing masterpiece a solid foundation, like a skyscraper built on rock-solid legal ground.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Is this it?”

Absolutely not! Kevin’s cooking up more videos based on your feedback and questions. So, before, during, and after launch, he’s got your back like a true marketing buddy.

So, if you’re ready to unleash the email maestro within you, hop on board Kevin Fahey’s List Building & Email Marketing MasterClass express. It’s not just a course; it’s a rollercoaster ride of learning, insights, and more ‘aha’ moments than you can shake a pixelated stick at. Get ready to conquer your fears, embrace the AI, and build those lists like a marketing rockstar! 🎸📧


List Building and Email Marketing Masterclass

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